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Welcome to Communications for Professionals!

A wiki is used within the online classroom to:
  • enable documents or projects to be written collaboratively by a group
  • provide an easy way for students to create and share material on web pages

Communications for Professionals requires this wiki for activities in Modules 3, 4, and 5:
  • Module 3.b. As a group, create the "cut in health care" communication that you chose last week. Be sure to return to the Wiki during the week, and finalize your communication by Friday of week 5.
  • Module 4.a. As a group, use the class wiki to rewrite the sample resume. Be sure to conform with good resume practice.
  • Module 5.b. As a group, use the wiki to create a short executive summary that could be attached to the short report.

Note that students who opt for the group Second Life communications project in Module 8 also should use this wiki to collaborate, draft, and finalize their portfolio of communications for the final communication project.

WIKI tips:

  • If you ever get lost through the many pages that will surely develop in this wiki, just click on the ESC banner at the top of the page. That will bring you back to the wiki's homepage.
  • Remember, most pages can be edited by anyone. Just click on the EDIT tab, add your material, and click SAVE.
  • This wiki tool has a DISCUSSION tab associated with every page to discuss the content of a page when individuals are collaborating.
  • A record of all changes to wiki pages is stored on the wiki, so you can revert to an older version of the page, or recapture deleted material. In this wiki, find the record under the HISTORY tab.
  • Most times a completed wiki ends up being a collection of individual wiki pages interconnected by hyperlinks. Browsing and searching through the information that the group creates is most commonly non-linear, typical to wiki structure and form. Sometimes wikis evolve into complex and intricately networked text, debate, and interaction. To become familiar with the scope and navigation of a large wiki, take a look at Wikipedia